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Reyrr By You is a service that allows teams to design and personalize their own Reyrr gloves. Create a unique and stylish look for your team with this customizable option from Reyrr. Order your personalized Reyrr gloves today and take your game to the next level.


Reyrr Athletics is a company that specializes in creating custom football gloves for players of all levels. Our goal is to provide athletes with the opportunity to create a pair of gloves that not only look great, but also help them perform at their best on the field.

One of the key features of our custom football gloves is the ability to design every aspect of the gloves to your liking. From the colors to the logo, you have complete control over the appearance of your gloves. This allows you to express your unique style and personality on the field, and stand out from the competition.

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, our custom football gloves are also made with high-quality materials and feature advanced technology to help you perform at your best in any weather. Whether you're a wide receiver looking to make difficult catches, or a lineman looking for extra grip and protection, our gloves are designed to help you succeed.

We also offer custom youth football gloves, custom wide receiver gloves, and custom lineman gloves, so players of all positions and sizes can find a pair that fits their needs. And with our in-house graphic design department, you can be sure that your gloves will be made to your exact specifications.

So if you're looking for the best custom football gloves on the market, look no further than Reyrr Athletics. Our team is dedicated to helping you create a pair of gloves that are perfect for you, and we can't wait to see you succeed on the field!


The Barcelona Dragons of the ELF are now using our "Reyrr by you" program. Barcelona Dragons X Reyrr - a winning partnership!


To allow every athlete to express their own identity while maximizing their performance.


We believe that everyone is unique, has his/her own identity and should always express their personality and creativity. This is the main reason that we launched REYRR BE YOU. To allow every athlete to be distinctive on the field with innovative custom sports gloves so you can #STAYSHARP.

Reykjavik Einherjar

Arlanda jets

Örebro Black Knights

Helsinki Wolverines


Be the #1 football brand for football players in Europe.

based on our popular Reyrr zero

The Reyrr ZERO football glove is a top-quality option for players looking to take their game to the next level. With its sleek design and advanced performance features, this glove is sure to turn heads on the field.

The Vapor-Stick Grip Technology and synthetic nylon material with digital texture provide a secure grip and comfortable fit, while the option to customize with your team logo allows you to create a unique look that sets you apart from the competition.

Please note that custom orders for the Reyrr ZERO gloves can take up to 6 weeks for production and require a minimum purchase of 15 pairs. Trust Reyrr to provide you with the best in custom football gloves and elevate your game. Order your own Reyrr ZERO gloves today and make an impact on the field!

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